Client's Testimonial: Tony V. | The Brian Kondo Real Estate Team

By Tony V.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Your Home Sold Guaranteed or I'll Buy It!* - Brian Kondo Real Estate Team

I have known Brian Kondo for close to two decades. I met him while playing on tournament ball teams. He has always been a person of solid character, approachable, generous with his time and a great human resource of useful information. Brian came to know my wife through traveling to ball tournaments with our spouses. Both my wife and I knew that Brian was involved in selling restate. When my wife passed away this year, I turned to Brian to help me with the selling of my home.

Brian was very sensitive to my emotional state and he was also aware that it was my wife who took care of the day to day practical running of a home. I informed him that my lack of working knowledge in buying and selling my home would put the onus on him to help walk me through the needed steps in home buying/selling, including obtaining a lawyer, a banker and how to be organized with the paper work and in making and keeping appointments.

I did not have any conception of the value of my home on the buyer’s real estate market. Brian brought to my home relevant and up to date charts and data with information on the sales of condos in my building and in similar buildings around the city.This Brian did and he also enlisted his team to assist me. The end result was that Brian listed my home on the market and within five working days he was able to sell my home at $50,000 above our asking price and what the market was supporting at that time.

Moreover, I did not inform Brian that I did not have a realtor to help me buy my new home in another area of the province. Brian became very helpful to me when he found out that I purchased my new home but that I was uniformed or unaware of my obligations and responsibilities that went along with that. He began to coach me on following up with the Tarion requirements, as well as, to ensure that I had secured bridge financing through my mortgage lender for the brief period required, that I informed the city of Toronto of the changes to my property taxes, researched for a moving company and that I had kept my lawyers informed of my business actions regarding the buying and selling of my property.
Brian phoned me two to three times in a day to make sure I met my timelines and commitments and he graciously took countless phone calls from me when I needed re-assurance and clarifications on documents the builder was sending me and that I had contacted all of the utilities companies necessary.
This Brian did on his own time and without financial compensation. Not once did Brian ever show any impatience, or frustration with me for my lack of practicality and knowledge of the business world.

The points that I have made here only scrape the surface of letting the reader know of all the help and support that Brian Kondo and his team have provided and shown me during this process. I know that I am very fortunate to have had the services of Brian and his team. My wife would have been pleased beyond compare with Brian's professionalism and compassion – two qualities that are not always found
together in business.

Tony V.