Homes for Sale in Markham
Located 30 minutes northeast of Toronto, Markham is the economic hub of the York Region. The city has been expanding rapidly since the mid-1900s, when it became a center of post-WWII immigration to Ontario. From its agricultural and then industrial roots, Markham has evolved to become one of the leading high technology centers in Canada.

Markham’s population is currently 330,000. The city is home to over 400 corporate headquarters and more than 1,000 tech firms. Markham’s is one of the most highly-educated populations in the nation, with over 59% of residents aged 15 and older having some postsecondary education. For these reasons, houses for sale in Markham are very attractive to those developing careers and families in the GTA.

History of Markham

The first European settlement of Markham was led by a German developer named William Moll Berczy. Following a land dispute at his original settlement in Pennsylvania, Berczy embarked northward with a group of 64 affiliated families. Berczy bought development rights to a plot in Markham Township from John Graves Simcoe, first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, and called it the German Company Lands. Thus began the development process in Markham.

Homesteading was the dominant mode of life until around 1870, when Markham was added to the Toronto and Nippising Railway Company’s Scarborough-Uxbridge line. Industrial production soon followed, and Markham became a prosperous manufacturing town. By the early 1900s, Markham found itself unable to compete with larger manufacturers in Toronto, and reverted to an agricultural economy once more.

Markham’s industrial production was revitalized during World War II. Thanks to this increased prosperity, the city became a magnet for new immigrants and families looking to settle down. Looking towards the future, Markham worked hard to attract innovative businesses and foster a culture of entrepreneurship. This led to Markham’s modern-day status as a center of high-tech in Canada.

Living in Markham, ON

Markham is conveniently located on the immediate outskirts of Toronto. Residents can commute quickly by car via the 404 and 407 highways. York Region Transit/Viva provides comprehensive and reliable transportation with links to both TTC and GO Transit lines.
The city’s education system is enviable, with 72 elementary schools, 14 high schools, 8 community colleges and 7 universities serving the community. Seneca College, a leading provider of practical technology education, has its home campus in Markham. The University of Toronto, York University, and Ryerson are all within 30 minutes of the city.

For the active, Markham features over 190 parks and 127km+ of multi-use trails and pathways. Community-run sport leagues, classes, and activities run constantly at the city’s 29 community centres. For cultural aficionados, Markham offers the Flato Markham Theatre, Markham Museum, and Varley Art Gallery.

Real Estate in Markham

Thanks to a strong economy and close proximity to Toronto, Markham continues to grow at a remarkable pace. New developments are constantly pushing northward to meet high demand. Most homes for sale in Markham are detached single-family homes, however there is no shortage of centrally-located condominiums and townhomes on the Markham real estate market.

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