Courtice, ON

Homes for sale in Courtice

Courtice is a town in the Municipality of Clarington in Durham Region, Ontario. A part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it lies about 60 km east of Toronto in Southern Ontario. Geographically, it’s part of the city of Oshawa but is separated from other parts of Clarington by a band of wilderness. It’s one of the largest urban areas in the municipality. It’s connected to the neighboring areas and Toronto by highways and railways.

Courtice is a residential community and a majority of the town's 25,000 residents commute to Toronto and other places in GTA to work. Homes for sale in Courtice primarily consists of single family detached homes. Commercial development is concentrated at the intersection of Highway 2, Courtice Road and Townline Road, which forms the boundary with Oshawa.

History of Courtice:

The area that is now the town of Courtice was first settled by the James and the Trulls families in 1795. It was, however, named after the Courtice family who arrived in 1831. The village was for sometime called Ebenezer after the church/schoolhouse which was built in the 1850s. As the village grew, it swallowed the neighboring hamlet called Short's Corner, which was located near the present day Kingston Road. The first post office in the village opened in 1881 which continued to operate until 1963.

Although road and railway connections became available before the beginning of the 20th century, Courtice remained a small village until the early 1980s. In 1973, Courtice was merged with the towns of Bowmanville, Newcastle and the surrounding rural areas to create the Municipality of Newcastle, which in 1994 became the Municipality of Clarington.

Living in Courtice

Courtice remains a popular place for home buyers because of its relatively low prices. The town has eight elementary schools and two secondary schools. There are several facilities for sports and recreation, including the South Courtice Arena and the Courtice Community Complex. The former has two ice rinks, one Olympic-sized and the other NHL-sized. The latter has a large indoor pool for adults, a wading pool for children, sauna, hot-tub, training facilities, meeting rooms, a library and a large waterslide.

Courtice also has a flea market where you can buy a variety of products and a farmers market where you can buy fresh vegetables and foods. Many festivals and events are held in the town throughout the year where everyone can participate.

Real Estate in Courtice:

A small village until the 1980s, Courtice rapidly grew into an urban area after housing developments began in mid-1980s. Although the developments slowed down after the 1990s, new housing developments are continuing to this day. Although primarily a residential town, there is every type of real estate property including single family detached and semi-detached homes, condos and commercial buildings.

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