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Mortgage Broker

Why You Should Consider Using A Licensed Mortgage Broker

  • A Licensed Mortgage Broker has the resources of many lenders, including banks and mortgage companies, to offer a variety of products, with wholesale pricing;
  • A Licensed Mortgage Broker is governed and regulated to be in compliance with all state and federal laws;
  • A Licensed Mortgage Broker is trained and tested to measure their competency prior to receiving their license.
  • A Licensed Mortgage Broker works for you - the client;

What is a Licensed Mortgage Broker?

The licensed person who, for a commission or a fee, brings parties together and assists in negotiating contracts between them. A firm or individual bringing the borrower and lender together and receiving a commission. A mortgage broker does not retain servicing.

- mortgage brokers have more options.  They can shop around to numerous lenders to get their clients the best rates and terms.  When you go into a bank and talk to the rep. there, they can only offer their own product, which means less choice and options

- mortgage brokers usually work on 100% commission. The rep. at a bank usually works on salary.  Therefore, mortgage brokers are truly motivated to get every single deal done or else they don’t get paid.

- mortgage brokers are skilled at putting deals together, from the straight-forward one’s to the most difficult, challenging one’s

- mortgage brokers need to be professional and give superior customer service since they want referrals and repeat business from their clients

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