Homes for Sale in Brooklin:

 Brooklin is primarily a residential community located north in the town of Whitby, and at the south junction of Ontario Highway 7 and 12. As part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it is bounded by the forested hills of the ecologically important Oak Ridges Moraine in the north which provides ample recreational opportunities for nature lovers. The town is popular for those who work in the city but want to live in a quiet environment in the suburb.

 The population of Brooklin has been growing steadily since 1990 and with 15,350 people, it is expected to reach 25,000 by 2015. Most of the homes for sale in Brooklin are located in the heart of the town, which provides ample opportunities to mix with the locals and participate in social and cultural activities.

 History of Brooklin :

 First settled in the 1820s, the area started to grow after a flour mill was built in Lynde Creek in the 1840s. The village was originally named Winchester, but it was renamed in 1847 after the arrival of the post office to avoid duplication with another village of the same name in eastern Ontario. It was most probably named after Brooklyn, New York as most of the original settlers migrated from there.

 The village first saw the development of modern housing in the late 1950s when the Meadowcrest subdivision expanded its western boundary. The next development took place in the 1990s when the Village of Brooklin subdivision expanded the village eastwards. Since 2000, the town has continued to grow with newer housing projects.

  Living in Brooklin, Ontario:

 Primarily a bedroom community, a majority of Brooklin residents commute to Toronto and other parts of the GTA to work. The town also has a business corridor that extends the length of Baldwin Street and includes banks, groceries, retail outlets, shopping plaza and other local services.

 The town is a great place for young families with children as there are six elementary schools, three high schools, and numerous churches, parks and trails. Of the several large parks in the area, the Luther Vipond Memorial Park is home to the annual Brooklin Spring Fair.

  Real estate in Brooklin:

 Once a small community, Brooklin has been expanding ever since the 1900s and has grown into a prime residential area for those who work in the GTA. The town has many beautiful and affordable Brooklin properties for sale that include single family detached homes, condos and lofts. There are also many commercial properties for those looking for business opportunities in the area.

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