Homes for Sale in Unionville

Unionville is a suburban area nestled in the southeast corner of the City of Markham. It is located roughly 33km from Toronto’s downtown core. The village is famous for its heritage conservation district, centered on Main Street Unionville. This historic district features quaint 19th-century houses, repurposed industrial mills, and uniquely-architected churches. Most Unionville real estate is in newer developments surrounding the historic district, though some old-style gems can still be found in the core.

Roughly 80,000 people live in Unionville. The area is largely a bedroom community, with most residents commuting either elsewhere in Markham or to Toronto for work. With an average household income of over $120,000, Unionville is one of the wealthiest areas in the GTA. Because of this, Unionville homes for sale are some of the most desirable in the region.

History of Unionville

The southeast Markham area was first settled in 1841, when Ira White built a series of flour mills in the area. He named them “Union Mills”, and henceforth the surrounding area became known as Unionville.
Until about 1970, Unionville was classified as a “police village”. This now-defunct classification was given to areas with too little population or finances to warrant full village status. In 1970, Unionville was absorbed by the Regional Municipality of York, and by 1990, all Unionville postal addresses officially read “Markham”. This has recently changed, and Unionville is once again a valid postal address.  

Living in Unionville, Ontario

Many factors contribute to Unionville real estate being extremely desirable. Transportation in the area is impeccable, with easy access to the 407, 404, and 7 highways. Commuters have easy access to GO Transit via the Unionville GO Station, and YRT/Viva connects Unionville to the surrounding region.  

Educational facilities lie largely under the York Region District School Board and York Catholic District School Board umbrellas. The University of Toronto, Seneca College, and many other world-class institutions are a short commute from the area. Because of this, Unionville houses for sale are seen as very attractive for those raising families.

For recreation, Unionville residents often take in the area’s historical charm. Main Street Unionville functions as a modern-day promenade, lined with restaurants and bars retrofitted into 19th-century buildings.

Unionville Real Estate

Unionville real estate is booming as new development continues northward from the town center. Most new developments are single-family detached homes, ranging from two-storey starter homes to million-dollar luxury properties. Condominiums and townhouses are popping up as part of the “Markham Centre” redevelopment plan, providing Unionville homes for sale with a more urban feel.

Since Unionville is an extremely desirable area for buyers and sellers alike, the market can be hard to navigate. You need an experienced real estate agent who can guide you through the details with ease. Brian Kondo is an experienced real estate agent with a track record of success for his clients.

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