Newcastle, ON

Homes for Sale in Newcastle

Newcastle is a town in the Municipality of Clarington in Durham Region, Ontario. Situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario 80 km east of Toronto, it’s part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The United States is just 64 km away across Lake Ontario. From 1973 until 1993, the town lent its name to the newly created Municipality of Newcastle, of which it was a part of. The municipality was given its present name in 1994 to remove the confusion.

Newcastle is primarily an agricultural town surrounded by farmland, although many of the town's residents commute for work to nearby locations such as Oshawa. Situated in a very prosperous area, homes for sale in Newcastle consist of many beautiful single-family detached and semi-detached homes and other types of properties.

History of Newcastle:

The area that is now Newcastle was first settled in the early 1800s. In the beginning, there were two villages, one called Bonds Head on the shore of the lake and another called Newcastle half a mile north. In 1851, the Bonds Head was renamed Port Newcastle. In 1856, the two villages were merged and incorporated as the town of Newcastle.

For many years in the later half of the 1800s, Port Newcastle was a busy harbour in the summer time when wheat, oats, flour, potatoes, potash, lumber and other products were shipped to the United States. But the railroad put an end to that in the 1890s. The town suffered two great fires in 1896. Newcastle was a small community until the 1990s when new residential developments attracted new people and it soon grew into an urban area.

Living in Newcastle:

Newcastle is a beautiful harbour town and a perfect place to live for those who want to combine the comfort of modern amenities with natural beauty. The town has one public high school, one public elementary school, one Catholic elementary school and several churches. For shopping, entertainment and recreational activities, there are several parks, six restaurants, a few plazas, an ice arena, two grocery stores, a golf course and a recreation complex.

One of the most popular attractions of the town is the Docville Wild West Park, which is a replica of a Wild West town that is used by moviemakers. There are several events throughout the year that include the Newcastle Santa Claus Parade, which is held on a Sunday evening in November.

Real estate in Newcastle:

Formerly a small village, the town of Newcastle has been growing since the 1990s. Real estate Newcastle properties in the town are mostly single-family detached and semidetached houses and condos. There are also many fine commercial buildings for those looking for business opportunities.

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