Why Home Offices Are Important

By The Brian Kondo Real Estate Team

Monday, November 7, 2022

Why Home Offices Are Important


In the past, home offices were a feature most often found in luxury homes. Not many worked
from home, and having a “computer room” quickly became outdated as most family members have their own devices they carry around with them. The pandemic completely revolutionized the way we work permanently. Some folks are permanently working from home, others are working from home indefinitely, and many kids are learning from home. It’s important for a home to have a quiet space to focus, which is why a home office is more important than ever.

Remote Work - The New Normal

As mentioned above, COVID changed the way many of us work. At the beginning of the
pandemic people were making do, thinking they would just be home for a couple weeks. But
there’s a reason people don’t regularly work from their dining room tables or their living room
couch. You need a space that allows you to work effectively while maintaining productivity. This means you need proper desk space, power outlets, office storage, and a suitable background for when you need to have video calls (as virtual backgrounds don’t always cut it). A dedicated home office can provide all of this and more.


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Dedicated Study

It can be hard to be cooped up in your room all day doing online learning. Sometimes siblings might have classes at the same time and they are distracted from their learning because they have background noise from other classes going on. A home office can provide them the quiet study sanctuary they need. If you don’t work from home they have access to it all day, if not, it’s a change of environment for them to do their homework after school.

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A Quiet Place

Most home offices tend to be located in a part of the house that has less traffic and noise. This creates the perfect environment for a peaceful, focused, quiet place where you can do work, homework or any other important paperwork. No more claiming a corner of your kitchen island to sort the mail or clearing away desk space on your computer table for a place to work around the hustle and bustle of family life - you will always have a place to go to that offers silence in your home office.

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Work / Life Balance

Yes, technically, it is possible to work anywhere from home. But one of the not often spoken
about benefits of working from an office in general, is that you can separate work from pleasure. Working from home without a designated home office blurs those lines and can cause a lot of undue stress. You should be able to have a space that you can physically distinguish from the rest of your home so you don’t associate your home with work or work stress. Creating physical boundaries enables emotional boundaries when it comes to work/life balance. This is especially helpful if you have a home with small children who need to understand some rooms are to be left undisturbed.
Home offices it looks, are here to stay. They are an incredibly important feature of any house
these days. If you are looking to create better boundaries and are hunting for a home that has a designated home office, please reach out to me here. I would love to make sure you have an ideal working space in your dream home.

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