Where To Spend And Save When Designing A Living Room

By Brian Kondo

Monday, October 2, 2023

Where To Spend And Save When Designing A Living Room

Living rooms are the unsung hero. We value looking at kitchens and bathrooms because these rooms often have the most hardware built into them and can be the most costly to renovate - but living rooms are arguably where we spend the bulk of our time in a home. Living rooms are multi-purpose: at the drop of a hat they need to be a cinema, a board game cafe, and sometimes even a guest bedroom.
To make your living room truly valuable in terms of living and investment, here are our suggestions on where to spend and save when designing a living room. 




Similar to a bed, anything that is frequently used requires investment. You will want something that provides maximum comfort while suiting your style. Our suggestion is to go for a neutral or dark fabric for a style that provides longevity and will fit your scheme if you decide to redecorate or move into a new property. There's plenty of room to add accent colours or your personal flare with cushions or other accessories.


Area Rug


Most homes have hardwood floors in them, and while they are gorgeous to look at, they can be hard on the foot or a little cold. An area rug nowadays is considered a staple item so it is important that you invest in something durable that you also love. Even if it is a splurge - you will thank yourself in the long run if you budget for them upfront.




If you want your living room to have an instant burst of personality, quality artwork is the way to go. Prints from IKEA can look nice but often don't stand the test of time or worse - lack any original flavour. Many are hesitant to include quality artwork in their home for fear of it being expensive, but it needn't be! You can find many quality pieces on eBay or similar websites. A good piece of art will stand the test of time - just make sure you are always getting a fair price for it.






Just because you aren't splashing out on the most expensive shelving doesn't mean that shelving isn't important in a living room! The reason we suggest for you to save on shelving is because shelving sees a lot of wear and tear over the years. Better to buy something affordable (and possibly more stylish) to display your decorations and books than to break your piggy bank on something that might not last as long as you think. 




The running theme for saving money where possible will be to save on things that get a lot of wear and tear. Very few people will be able to tell between real hardwood and the engineered kind. But your bank account will surely feel the difference if you go for the more affordable option! 


These are just a few ideas we have on how to spend and save in a living room. If you have other ideas, please let us know!


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