7 Tips For Downsizing Into A Condo

By Brian Kondo

Monday, November 13, 2023

7 Tips For Downsizing Into A Condo

Done with yard work and shovelling driveways? Or do you just have too much space now that your children have left the nest? Whatever your reason, many people have decided to downsize. If lately the idea has become appealing to you, here are 7 tips for downsizing into a condo apartment:


1. Give Yourself Time.


Start organizing and prioritizing items as soon as you can. I find if you begin three months before it is usually sufficient. When you move, whether you are downsizing or not, you begin to reminisce and get nostalgic over items that were otherwise overlooked. Starting a few months before gives you the time to organize more suitable places for the items that will not be moving into your new space. Keeping in mind that more stuff does not equate to a more fulfilling life. Having fewer "things" helps to keep you clean and organized for your day-to-day tasks. 


2. Create a List of Your Truly Essential Items.


Downsizing means keeping only truly essential items. This differs on a personal basis. If you love to bake, you need not part with your bread maker simply because it takes up space. Belongings such as clothing or userful furniture should be approached with a practical mindset. Items with great emotional importance are things you will want to keep. The mug your child gave you for Mother's or Father's Day can continue to put a smile on your face for years to come. The coffee table which is a family heirloom should be packed for the move with your clothes and essentials. Through this process, you will learn how to decide which possessions are important. Items that you have not used in the last year would be ideal to let go of. Other "extra" belongings, such as the spare Christmas tree stand or the "probably dead" car battery, also need to


3. Be Environmentally Conscious.


Many people resist throwing away items that they used their well-earned money to pay for. Simply tossing these belongings in the trash seems both like a waste of money and environmentally irresponsible. There are many alternatives to putting possessions in the trash. Packing boxes and bags to bring to second hand stores, shelters, or local charities is a way to lessen your carbon footprint. Items that may not necessarily be fit to donate can be included in online 'curb alert' ads. As a final resort you can recycle or reuse for a different purpose.


4. Keep in Mind How Your New Space Will Differ.


Are you moving into a condo from a house? Consider donating or selling outdoor maintenance items and other items you normally store in the garage. Ask yourself if there are other types of items you will no longer have use for, given your new space.


5. Get a Good Idea of What Size Rooms You Will Have.


Use a floor plan to help decide what furniture you will keep and how it will be laid out in the space. For example, if you know that your new living room will be the size of your current bedroom, you can visualize what will, or will not, fit. 


6. Start With the Easy Rooms.


Areas with minimal sentimental value - like the kitchen - are a great place to get a stress-free start on decluttering. 


7. Get a Second Opinion.


If you find yourself having difficulty letting things go, consult with a family member or friend and ask them to help you.

Downsizing  to a condo or retirement home can provide you with an instant community that a detached home lifestyle may not. It can come with an instant social calendar of events that you might be keen to explore! I hope these tips and thoughts will be helpful when considering downsizing. For some great condos to get you started, please do not hesitate to check out my listings page. Happy condo hunting!


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