What Our Clients Had to Say About Working With The Brian Kondo Real Estate Team | Jay & Chris

By Brian Kondo

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

What Our Clients Had to Say About Working With The Brian Kondo Real Estate Team | Jay & Chris


I first spoke to Jay shortly after he registered for one of my online property search sites.  He found a few properties that they wanted to go see. Since those homes were a little  outside our area, I referred them to Kristin, one of the numerous agents we have come  to trust to work with our clients in this situation.

I suggested we also arrange a time to provide them with an up-to-date home evaluation,  so if/when they find that perfect home, they will already know how much they could get  for their home and consequently, how much they can offer on their purchase. This way, no time is wasted. As you will see below, one of the agents on my team, Mike Koson,  met them at their home and gave them a price range. We also had our stager and  photographer ready to “go” once they bought, which is important in the event the seller  buys conditional upon selling their own home. Usually that condition is only for 30 days  or less.

In the meantime, I was in regular contact with Kristin to monitor how the search was  going. In less than 3 weeks, she found them the perfect home and submitted an offer  conditional upon the sale of their home (SPP is the acronym for this condition). Since it  was a slow market, the seller accepted the SPP offer. 

As I mentioned above, it’s now “go” time. We had the home staged and the  pictures/virtual tour/floor plans done and sent to us so we could get the home on the  market within a few days. As Jay and Chris mention on their testimonial to us below,  Mike had given them a price range at their initial meeting and they wanted to start at the  high end, which is usually the price we suggest if the sellers are in no rush to sell and  have time to test the market. Mike explained to them that since they have the SPP offer  with a 30 day condition, it would be best to price it on the low end to hopefully receive  multiple offers and more importantly, sell fast so they could then firm up their purchase.  However, they still felt most comfortable trying the high end first. All the agents on my  team are trained to listen to our clients’ needs and not use “pressure tactics” to just sell  the house, so it was decided to try the high end and if not sold in a week or two, bring  the price down. Hopefully, no one tries to bump them on the buying end in the  meantime. Long story short, the house didn’t sell, we brought the price down to where  Mike initially suggested when first listing. We received multiple offers and sold the  home for 100% of the asking price! But the most important thing is we did all this in less  than a month without getting bumped, and they were able to firm up their purchase!

This is a perfect example of The Brian Kondo Home Buying & Selling System at work.  As you can see below, Jay and Chris were very happy with our team and especially with Mike.


To Brian Kondo re: Brian Kondo Team Review 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Brian Kondo Team of Re/Max First  Realty Ltd. 

We would especially like to thank Mike Koson, who worked with us throughout the  process of selling our house. We felt comfortable with Mike as soon as we met him. He  did not use any pressure tactics. He was very well prepared and had a thick booklet of  information which he shared with us. He explained the market and gave us a low to  high value of what our house could sell for. He ultimately let us decide what price we  were comfortable with. Throughout the process, Mike was quite knowledgeable and  answered any questions we had.

The office staff were very friendly. They would phone us when there were showings and followed up diligently with the feedback from those showings. 

We ended up with multiple offers and with Mike’s expert advice we were able to sell our  home for 100% of the asking price in just three weeks! 

We have also recommended your team to another family down the street who should  be contacting your team as well. 


Jay and Chris 



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